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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Staycation


This year, vacations have looked a bit different. Trying to handle your work life and home life in the same place can take its toll so we've come up with a few ideas on how you can still escape on a little getaway vacation without actually going anywhere. Obviously, your couch or backyard can't compete with a luxurious hotel, but there are still many things to do around your home. You can have a relaxing, refreshing staycation.

1. Embrace the Outdoors

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Go outside. A little fresh air can do wonders for you if you're feeling stressed or just need a break. During the warmer months you can go on a picnic, find a pool or a lake, or even take a day for a beach trip. In the colder months you could build a snow fort, go hiking, play some outside games, or sit by a campfire. Just being able to get outside is a great way to change up your everyday routine and make the day feel different than all the rest.

2. Go Exploring

Getting outside and doing planned activities is fun, but there is nothing like a good adventure. Having the chance to wander around and explore what your neighborhood has to offer can lead to some interesting discoveries. You could find some fantastic street art, stumble into a museum, or find your new favorite restaurant. Seeing new and creative ideas could spark your imaginative side and inspire you to make something new. 

3. Go Camping

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One of the best things you can do for a staycation is go camping. Camping is a cheap, refreshing way to "reset". If you are staying fairly close to home, you can forget about your phone, computer, and any other forms of technology. This gives you the chance to connect with nature or the people around you. Even if you can't get away to a camping site or a forest, you could camp out in your backyard or even in your house. You might be able to transform your living room into a camping fort using bedsheets, blankets, pillows, and Christmas lights for a makeshift tent.

4. Bake or Cook

Food is the gateway to your country. Food has a way of representing a specific place or embracing a particular culture. Because you can't travel, the next best thing is to bake or cook something from a place you've always wanted to visit. Of course, this isn't going to be exactly the same as traveling and experiencing it, but it is a fun way to get the family together to learn about a new culture and try something new. To get more into the meal, you might consider playing music/watching movies from the country you are cooking from or doing some arts and crafts of famous landmarks. This is a great way to learn more about another culture and eat some delicious food.

5. Have a Spa Day

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The ultimate form of relaxation is a spa. If you have a tub, make some time to sit, relax, and soak. Have some snacks, a drink, and a movie or music playing in the background. You can treat yourself to nice soaps, lotions, and towels. If you don't have a tub, sit on your comfiest chair or couch, turn off the lights, light some candles, and turn on your favorite movie or show. A spa day doesn't have to be your typical pampering, but it should decrease your stress and lighten the weight on your shoulders. Honestly, even simply spending the night at a hotel can be a nice way to treat yourself. If you've already stayed with us at the Warehouse Hotel, consider staying with one of our awesome hotel partners.

Creating your own staycation can be difficult, but with these five ideas, you can get started on yours today. If you're still looking for ways to relax and destress, check out our blog on yoga and find out how yoga can ease your mind and body.

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