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5 Ways To Turn Your Business Trip Into A Vacation


Business trips typically have two approaches. They can be exciting because they give you a chance to get out of the office for a few days and enjoy some new scenery. They can also be stressful, hectic, and tiring. For business travelers who have to hit the road often, it can take some extra effort to make their your seem worthwhile. We've outlined some tips on how you can turn your business trip into a low-cost, relaxing vacation.

1. Go Outside

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One of the best things you can do to improve your seemingly dreary business trip, is to spend some time outside. Break up the monotonous days and indoor meetings by planning some meetings outside or going for a walk during your lunch. If you have big blocks of time between meetings, check out some local tourist attractions or discover a new restaurant.

If you don't have time during your day, plan some time at night to get out of your hotel room. Just like you could eat lunch outside, make it a point to turn your dinner time into a chance to explore the community around you and meet new people. If you aren't the type to go out of the way to meet new people, consider taking your coworkers/colleagues out for dinner. Get to know them outside the office.

2. Add On Some Extra Days 

 If at all possible, it can benefit you to add some extra days to the end of your business trip. Adding extra days will help you maximize your time away. The extra time you give yourself away from your work, can actually help you become more productive and motivated to work when you're supposed to be. You will look at the extra time off as a reward for working hard during your work time.

Adding some extra days can also help save some money. After all, your company is probably paying for your airfare, so you only have to worry about paying for a few extra nights at the hotel. It may also benefit you to go somewhere nearby that has tourist attractions. If you found little time to relax while you were working, this is the perfect opportunity to see the sights.

3. Plan Meetings at A Fun Location

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Because you're on a business trip, why not take advantage of all the scenery? It seems redundant to have all your meetings in a hotel conference room or nearby office building when you do that on a daily basis at home.

Make the best of your trip and host a meeting somewhere outside or to a coffee shop or park. Offer up something casual and this may loosen the tension/stress that you and your coworkers have from work. If time allows, after your meeting concludes, you can explore the neighborhood and see some local exhibitions.

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4. Ask For a Room With a View

Before your work trip even begins, it is worthwhile to book a hotel that has great amenities. Having over the top amenities like a pool, fitness center, massage area, or room service, can make your work trip seem more and more like a mini vacation.

It is also equally important to find a hotel that is either near your work obligations or near some sights/activities you will want to participate in during your free time. If you don't know of any sights or local treasures, you can always ask the hotel you're staying with, as they will know what is popular around the area.

After you've decided on a hotel, request a room with a balcony or a view. Having a balcony can give you the chance to enjoy some fresh air and some scenery in the morning before you start your day. This can put you in a focused mindset, ready to bring on the day.

5. Be Smart With Your Schedule

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If you have any hope of having a somewhat relaxing work trip, you have to be smart with your schedule. This means waking up early. Of course no one wants to wake up early on a trip, but since most business trips are full of events and meetings that occur in the afternoon and night, you have extra free time in the morning.

This time can be used for a quick bite to eat at a coffee shop or a workout in the hotel gym facility. Whatever it is that you want to do, get up early and do it. After all, the morning may be the only time you get to yourself.

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