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What's The Differences Between A Hotel And A Hostel?


When traveling, you have a lot of decisions to make — what to pack, how to get to your destination, what you'll do while you're there, and where you'll stay. These decisions will depend on a few different things, like where you're traveling and your budget. No matter where you go or what you do, you'll want a comfortable place to relax and sleep.

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Choosing between a hotel and a hostel may become part of your decision-making process when researching places to stay. There is benefits either option, so consider what you want and need out of your living arrangements before booking.

Below we'll talk about how a hotel differs from a hostel.

What Do They Look Like?

At a hotel, you'll have a private room with your own bathroom and several personal amenities. Many hotels also have additional services and amenities outside of a refrigerator, hairdryer, HD TV, and luxury linens in the room. Depending on the size of the hotel, you may also find a spa, exercise facility, restaurants, and even live entertainment. They will also have a much larger staff than a hostel.

A hostel is styled like a college dormitory. Multiple people share a room and also have shared bathrooms and showers. Unlike hotels, hostels may only have a few people on staff and fewer amenities. A hostel is popular among single travelers or young people who are looking to save money on lodging.


At a hotel, you will get a lot more amenities than a hostel. In your own living space, you'll have fresh sheets, a TV, a private bathroom, an iron in your room and almost always an internet connection. Even outside your room, you'll probably find many other things to enjoy. Take a quick dip in the pool, schedule a personal day at the spa, get in a quick workout at the gym, or enjoy a delicious dinner at the in-house restaurant.

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A hostel will offer much simpler accommodations. You'll get a bed to sleep in and a bathroom too, but it will all be shared. Some hostels have private rooms, but they are not guaranteed and will cost more. A hostel may have some amenities, like a common area that could have a bar, computer or a few other options. Unlike a hotel, you don't have the support of a full staff. If you need recommendations of where to eat or things to see, there probably isn't a person whose job is to help with just that.


The biggest difference between a hotel and a hostel, besides the amenities available, is privacy. At a hotel, you have complete privacy available if you want it. After you've had a long and busy day, sometimes the best feeling is to take it easy and get away from other people. At a hostel, you won't have the privacy you'd get at a hotel. Even with a private room, you still have other strangers to share the bathroom and showers. It's a lot harder to get some relaxing time alone while you're staying at a hostel.

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