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Free Things to Do in Lancaster, PA


There are plenty of fun and free things to do in the Lancaster, PA, area for you and your whole family. Make lasting memories with these budget-friendly activities when you come to this beautiful region of Pennsylvania:

  • Hershey’s Chocolate World: Take a trip to nearby Hershey, PA, and visit Hershey’s Chocolate World without spending a dime. You’ll get free tours, learn lots about chocolate and be able to hang out with the kids for a morning or afternoon of sweet fun.
  • Dutch Haven: This hotspot in Lancaster is a great place for spending free time. You can even try a sample of shoo-fly pie, which is a local must-try classic. Window shop for Amish collectibles, crafts, and much more here. It’s a delight for all your senses.
  • Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market: Do you love to check out local produce and foods whenever you visit a new area? The Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market never disappoints. You’ll find all the PA Dutch favorites — and maybe a few recipes you never knew about before. Walk around with the kids and enjoy a bustling ambiance. 
  • Covered bridges: Have a car and a camera? Go touring around all the covered bridges that dot Lancaster County and the surrounding countryside — and be sure to take some pictures!
  • Mennonite Information Center: Are you fascinated by the Mennonite and Amish lifestyles? Find out more about these unique ways of life at the Mennonite Information Center.
  • Franklin & Marshall College’s Phillips Museum of Art: Your kids might not be ready to investigate colleges yet, but you can always stop by Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster for a free self-guided tour of their Phillips Museum of Art. This place is wonderful if you have older kids and teens interested in art. Plus, the campus is a beautiful, pristine sight to behold.
  • That Fish Place: Although That Fish Place is technically a store, many visitors stop by just to see all the aquatic creatures on display. Truly, it’s more than simply a pet-related retailer. It’s a complete adventure in itself. 
  • George’s Furniture: Wondering how furniture is made by hand? George’s Furniture offers free tours highlighting the mastery and craftsmanship that goes into making true heirlooms and family treasures. You’ll never look at solid, handmade furniture pieces like rocking chairs and kitchen tables the same way again.
  • First Fridays: Lancaster, PA, hosts First Fridays each month. Check out rotating events throughout the calendar year, such as art shows and receptions. You’ll be amazed at all the creativity that’s bursting forth throughout the region!

With so much free stuff to do in Lancaster, your calendar will be packed. At the end of the day kick back and relax at the Warehouse Hotel. Book your stay with us today!

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