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Green Initiatives At Warehouse Hotel - Benefits Of Going Green


You may notice things are a little different when you're a guest at the Warehouse Hotel. Along with the Spooky Nook Sports Complex, we are housed in a converted industrial warehouse — thus our name. But when you look a little closer, you'll see that we strive to set ourselves apart in more ways than one. And one way that we're proud to be different is by going green.

recycled cardboard

Hotels can leave a huge environmental footprint. That's why the Warehouse Hotel has incorporated green initiatives into many of our hotel practices. Not only is it our way of taking care of our surrounding community, but we're also proud to pioneer this new way of doing things. Here are some of the green initiatives you may notice during your stay at the Warehouse Hotel.

Key-Activated TMS System

What happens when you shut your hotel room door and leave? Well, if you left your lights on or the AC running in most standard hotels, those would remain on until you return and turn off. We all love returning to a cool room on a hot day, but does that mean the HVAC needs to run when you're not there? And even those with the best of intentions often forget to turn out the lights.

To save our facility the cost of all that wasted energy and to reduce our carbon footprint, we've implemented a key-activated energy system. While inside the room, you will insert your key card into a master control switch which allows for the control of the lights, outlets and the heating and cooling system in the room. Once you're ready to leave, simply remove your key card and the electricity automatically turns off, saving an unbelievable amount of energy in unoccupied rooms.

Conservative Laundry Practices

We love to keep our guests happy with our luxurious towels and sheets. But laundering these linens is no joke. Millions of gallons of water are used each year to wash all these items. Add this to the sewage and energy costs associated with this task, and that's a huge environmental factor. To counteract this, we give our guests the option of forgoing linen laundering if they are staying more than one night. By opting out of laundering, you help conserve water, energy and reduce detergent-polluted water, which can run-off into larger bodies of water. But don't worry, even if you follow this green practice, all linens are refreshed every third day.

More Green Hotel Practices at the Warehouse Hotel

By conserving energy with our key-activated room system and saving water with our conservative laundry practices, we are doing our small part to give back to our global community. But you may notice a few more green practices we've incorporated at the Warehouse Hotel. This includes:

  • Reclaimed Decor: Throughout our hotel and into the Forklift & Palate restaurant, you'll find some interesting decorative details we've included made from recycled material — including reused pallets, cable spools and even reclaimed pieces from the original warehouse.
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Geothermal wells allow us to use the earth's natural energy to help reduce greenhouse gases and lessen our facility's carbon footprint. A total of 48 geothermal wells for heating and cooling are installed throughout the complex. Water from a heat pump inside the building is circulated through piping to the bottom of wells. The catalyst behind this is the earth’s natural energy.
  • Rainwater Collection: Our roof collects rainwater, enough to fill over 4,000 Olympic swimming pools, as part of our water conservation.
  • Cardboard Recycling

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There are many amazing benefits of staying at the Warehouse Hotel. Not only does it keep you close to the action of the Spooky Nook Sports complex, but you will also enjoy knowing that your stay is making a difference through our incorporation of green initiatives into how we do things every single day. Contact us to reserve your room today.

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