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5 Year-Round Hiking and Biking Trails Near Lancaster, PA, Plus 3 Seasonal Trails


Hiking and biking are great ways to enjoy some fresh air and explore the local area. Whether you're a lifelong Lancaster resident or you're passing through town for a visit, there are plenty of hiking trails you should know. Let's look at a few of Lancaster's best trails. 

Year-Round Hiking in Lancaster 

These trails are Lancaster staples — ride or hike them any time of year:

1. Conewago Recreation Trail

Follow the old Cornwall-Lebanon rail line for a leisurely 5 miles of easy riding or hiking. If you want to keep the fun rolling, this trail merges with Lebanon Valley Rail Trail for a 19-mile system. 

2. Enola Low-Grade Trail

The Enola Low-Grade Trail is good for a relaxing day of biking or hiking. The western portion along the Susquehanna River has 5 miles of bikeable trails. Alternatively, the 10-mile section running from Quarryville east to Atglen is reserved for hikers.

3. Lancaster County Central Park

Central Park holds over 13 miles of multi-use trails that connect to hiker- and biker-friendly loops. Visit in the winter for snowshoeing on any trail, or try cross-country skiing.

4. Northwest Lancaster County River Trail

This 11-mile trail running alongside the Susquehanna River is perhaps the best-maintained trail in the region. Cycle or hike from the Columbia Crossings River Trail Center to Marietta and Bainbridge for a great waterfront view of Lancaster County.

5. Warwick-To-Ephrata Rail-Trail

The Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail spans 8 miles along the former Reading and Columbia rail line, connecting Lancaster County's quaint towns of Akron, Ephrata and Lititz.

Seasonal Hiking in Lancaster 

The following trails are open most of the year but close for a portion. Here's what to know: 

1. Conestoga Trail System

The Conestoga Trail System is a hiker-only circuit with over 60 miles of trails that wind through Lancaster County and down to the Mason-Dixon Line in York County. Some sections cross with state game land, so avoid the trail during hunting season in PA.

2. Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

The 16 miles of trails at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area are a great place for a smooth ride or hike with beautiful sights and various unique waterfowl to spot. This system closes during the fall and winter and reopens in March.

3. Lititz Bikeworks

Enjoy a bike tour through the charming town of Lititz or visit their off-road cyclocross course during the spring, summer or fall.

How to Prepare for Your Hike in Lancaster 

Planning to explore Lancaster's trail systems? Remember these things to ensure a safe, enjoyable trip: 

  • Let someone know where you plan to hike/bike and when you plan on returning home.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Bring more food and water than you think you'll need.
  • Pack a small emergency first-aid kit.

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