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Advantages Of A Hotel Compared To Airbnb - The Pros Of Hotels


When you're planning a trip, you have several important details to work out ahead of time — your destination, the length of your stay, where and what you'll eat, where you'll stay and more.

When you're looking for the right accommodations, you have a few options. In the past, you would have to call the hotels in the area to ask for rates and to reserve your room. Now, we can book everything online after comparing prices between countless options.

New technologies are disrupting traditional industries. Airbnb, where everyday people can rent out their entire homes or just a room, is an option that many budget-conscious travelers are choosing. But, booking a hotel room has many advantages you can't get from an Airbnb — here are four of them.

1. Consistency

Before booking, travelers can check review sites and compare prices to find the best hotel at the best deal. Depending on the Airbnb listing, you may not have many reviews to read before you book. Airbnb also keeps the exact address out of view, so you don't know exactly where you're staying until you make your reservation.

Booking a hotel room instead of an Airbnb also offers brand name reputation, giving your reservation more reliability compared to an Airbnb. Most hotels have locations across the nation, with more resources and accountability than an Airbnb owner.

2. Safety

When you stay at an Airbnb, you are staying in a stranger's home. If you've never been to the destination before, you may select an Airbnb in a part of town that isn't very safe without knowing it. A hotel has many more safety guarantees and security measures.

Hotels have trained staff that is ready to handle any scenario, including security officers whose main priority is keeping guests and other staff members safe. Plus, a front desk attendant is always on the clock at most hotels, monitoring who comes in and out of the building at all times. Other hotel security features include solid double locks on the doors, surveillance systems and emergency response plans.

3. Amenities

Many amenities also come standard at most hotels that you may not find at your Airbnb, such as:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Fitness centers
  • In-room toiletries
  • On-site dining

Airbnb accommodations can sometimes have small amenities, but it's not as common as with your average hotel. When you go on a trip, many people rely on amenities like the ones above to make their travel experience stress-free and relaxing.

4. Level of Service

Some Airbnb hosts like being involved with their guests, but others are not available to help as much. If you're in a new area, this can be a significant burden. Hotels have staff members who aim to help with these needs.

A hotel's concierge can help book transportation, offer recommendations for great local dining and attractions and provide any toiletries you forgot at home. Depending on the reason for your trip, hotels also have meeting spaces that are perfect for hosting events and conferences.

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