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Engagement Photo Locations Near Lancaster, PA


Engagement brings a host of exciting new ways to fill your schedule as you prepare for the wedding. One of the most important things to do after you become engaged is to announce it to the world by sending around engagement photos. Finding the right location to pose for your pictures makes it even better. If you live around Lancaster County, PA, you're lucky to have access to dozens of amazing engagement photo locations.

Lancaster's Best Engagement Picture Locations 

Lancaster has plenty of places to take engagement photos, each with something special for any couple's preferences. Here's our guide to the best engagement photo locations in Lancaster, PA. 

Lancaster County Central Park

Lancaster County Park is full of trees and grassy plains for a calm, welcoming rural setting. 

Founders Hall - Milton Hershey School

The campus' towering concrete arches, ponds, and quaint wooden bridge create a clean and natural feel. 

Long's Park

It's easy to capture a carefree vibe in a shoot amongst the walking paths, gazebos, willow trees, and bridges circling Long's Park. 

White Cliffs of Conoy

One of the best natural locations, these sturdy waterfront cliffs lend themselves to memorable engagement photos. 

Wildwood Park

Venture into the wilderness along a wooden path for photos that truly connect with nature. 

Fort Hunter

The Fort Hunter farm overlooks the Susquehanna River and is a great place to capture a rustic or rural theme. 

Harrisburg Capitol Building

Lancaster is a quick drive from PA's capital city. The Capitol Building's commanding columns and elegant statues will set a great tone for your engagement photos.

Franklin and Marshall College

F&M's stunning campus is sprawling with brick walking paths, beautiful shrubbery, and lush trees. It's a relaxing and beautiful setting within Lancaster. 

Quick Tips for Engagement Photos You'll Cherish Forever

Any of the locations listed above can be the perfect site for your engagement photo shoot. The next step is to take some stunning pictures. Here are a few tips to make your engagement photos turn out how you want: 

  • Choose the outfit you feel most confident and relaxed wearing. 
  • Consider bringing an extra outfit or two in case you want to try different looks. 
  • Make sure the colors and patterns you wear complement each other well. 
  • Do your hair and makeup to fit the setting. 
  • Get a fresh manicure to highlight your ring.
  • Polish your ring before the shoot so it looks its best in the photos. 

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