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Strasburg Railroad


The Strasburg Railroad offers a unique glimpse into what life was like when people regularly traveled over the rails. Whether you’re a kid or a “kid at heart,” you’ll appreciate the fun and excitement of taking a ride on a real steam train when you’re visiting the Lancaster, PA, area.

Discover more about the rich history of train transportation at this must-see attraction located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country. 

A Brief Background of the Strasburg Scenic Railroad

Steam locomotives were once found in abundance throughout the United States, but they were almost all retired many decades ago. However, the Strasburg Railroad has been in continual operation for almost two centuries since its incorporation in 1832. The railroad has played a pivotal part in American history over the generations by serving as a freight interchange.

Although the Strasburg railroad line has been retired from freight hauling, the steam train continues to operate as a passenger train. It runs on a heritage line that offers a 45-minute tour throughout the picturesque landscape of Lancaster County. 

While enjoying the tour, you’ll learn about rail life from guides and recorded audio tracks. You can even get out and enjoy a stretch halfway through your ride. Many families enjoy bringing lunches on the train, getting off at festive picnic groves to eat and waiting for the train to return to pick them up later.

Special Seasonal Strasburg Railroad Train Shows and Events

No matter when you visit the Lancaster region, you’ll want to see what special events are happening at the Strasburg Railroad. 

During the summer, the railroad routinely features Thomas the Tank Engine rides. During the holidays, you can choose from several different steam train experiences that make for amazing family memories. And if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind night out for the over-21 crowd anytime, a wine, artisan beer and cheese steam train ride always fits the bill. 

From bingo trips to trivia rides, the Strasburg Railroad has taken entertainment to new heights. Be sure to set aside a little time to enjoy the station, too. It serves as part museum and part mini-fairgrounds.

Take a Trip Back in Time

When you’re ready to step into a bygone era, be sure to check out the Strasburg Railroad. The Warehouse Hotel At The Nook is only a short distance away, making it ideal for an overnight stay to prepare for a wonderful and unforgettable day adventure. 

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