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Family Road Trip Survival Guide 


The kids are out of school, you took some time off from work and now it's time to kick back and enjoy a good old-fashioned family road trip. To make sure you spend more time creating memories and less time dealing with unexpected or frustrating travel issues, we've created a handy guide to make for an enjoyable road trip with kids.

Make Sure Your Car Is Safe

Your vehicle is what will take your family from point A to point B. To make sure you have a safe and smooth trip, it's always a good idea to schedule a basic check before you hit the road. Have your mechanic inspect:

  • The oil
  • Fluid levels 
  • Battery
  • Tires

Pack Safely and Smartly 

When packing, make sure the heaviest items are on the bottom and towards the back of your vehicle. Never overload your vehicle or stack luggage so high that you can't clearly see out the windows. 

It's helpful to keep family road trip essentials like snacks, chargers, and games towards the front of your car so you have easy access to them. Whenever you get out of your car though, remember to conceal any expensive devices like electronics to prevent break-ins. 

As an additional safety precaution, carry an emergency kit filled with medicine, important contact numbers, and a flashlight in case anything unexpected occurs. Don't forget cash or a toll pass, having that handy saves you time and lets you keep on cruising down the highway.

"Are We There Yet?"

Especially on long family road trips, it is likely that you will start hearing the familiar words, "Are we there yet?" To keep the kids quiet and busy in the backseat, try some of these tips for road trips:

  • Leave either super early or at night so they sleep
  • Bring comfort items like pillows, blankets or a favorite toy
  • Pack plenty of healthy snacks 
  • Bring electronic and non-electronic forms of entertainment like coloring books
  • Play some classic road trip games
  • Incorporate learning by sharing facts about each city you are in

Having a fun final destination can also help keep kids motivated. Warehouse Hotel, for example, gives your family access to the Spooky Nook Sports complex and also offers a variety of stay and play packages

Expect the Unexpected 

Even if you plan everything to perfection and have everything neatly checked off your list before you hit the road, things can still come up. That's why it's always smart to factor in plenty of time for breaks and unexpected events like traffic jams.

No matter what, just stay focused and go with the flow. You will soon be back on track creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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