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How Professional Athletes Experience Their Stay In A Hotel

Celebrities are treated differently almost everywhere they go. Whether it's due to their notoriety or their money, stars don't experience things the same way a "normal" person would.

5 Common Hotel Booking Mistakes And How To Avoid Making Them

When you travel, whatever the reason is, you have lots of important decisions to make. How you'll get there, what you'll do, what you'll eat and where you'll stay are a few of those details you need to plan for before...

Different Types Of Hotel Guests - Common Types Of Hotel Guests

People travel for all kinds of reasons. Whether you're taking a much-needed vacation, going out of town for a business trip or seeing a concert, you may be looking for a hotel to book.

Common Job Titles And Responsibilities Of Hotel Staff Members

When you stay at a hotel, you expect the staff to ensure your stay is comfortable and stress-free. Have you ever thought about all the people who work hard to make your stay as pleasant as possible? A hotel has many...

The Benefits Of Staying At A Hotel With An On-Site Restaurant

When you're looking to book a room at a hotel, you probably look at the different amenities offered at the hotels you're considering. Whether you need Wi-Fi access in your room, want a gym to get some exercise during...

How To Pack For Every Type Of Trip - Everything You Need to Pack

Traveling is not one-size-fits-all. Trips vary depending on transportation, destination, duration, climate, and purpose. For instance, you might be gathering your family to go on a relaxing cruise or convincing your...

Historical Sites To See In Lancaster - Lancaster Historical Sites

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is perhaps best known as the home of many Amish people, who contribute to the area's rich agricultural roots. The county has seen some fascinating developments over more than 200 years,...

What Is It Like In Lancaster County, PA During The Winter Months?

If you plan to visit Lancaster County in winter, you are in luck. The area remains a welcoming and bustling community year-round, and it transforms into a winter wonderland during the holidays. You will find loads of...

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep In A Hotel - How To Sleep Better

Before you travel, you have a lot of planning to do. Most people travel in order to see a friend or loved one, complete an assignment for work, or see what the world has to offer. Many travelers have problems sleeping...

The First 6 Things To Do When You Check Into Your Hotel Room

You finally made it to your hotel. Time to get your key, open your room and relax, right? Not quite yet. For the best hotel stay possible, you want to take a few extra steps before settling in.

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