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Warehouse Hotel

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How To Choose The Right Hotel Meeting Rooms For Your Next Event

If you're arranging business meetings or a smaller business conference, choosing a hotel with a conference center is common. However, there's a lot of differences among meeting rooms in hotels — each location will have...

Green Initiatives At Warehouse Hotel - Benefits Of Going Green

You may notice things are a little different when you're a guest at the Warehouse Hotel. Along with the Spooky Nook Sports Complex, we are housed in a converted industrial warehouse — thus our name. But when you look a...

Most Popular Hotel Amenities - List Of Important Hotel Amenities

When it comes time to book a hotel, what do you look for? A hotel's amenities are those little extras that make your stay much more enjoyable. When you book a hotel, it's not just about finding a place to sleep. It's...

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip - Tips For Traveling

If you want to plan the perfect trip, it’s something you shouldn’t take too lightly. Spontaneous journeys sometimes work out, but planning will eliminate the initial stress.

Hotel Amenities For Families, Adventure, And Business Travelers

No matter what type of traveler you are, booking at the Warehouse Hotel will give you everything you need for a great stay. Let’s take a look at what we offer for business travelers, adventurous travelers, and families.

Top Apps To Use When Traveling - Best Free Travel Planning Apps

New technology has made traveling much less stressful. Before things like mobile apps, texting and the Internet, you had to do all of your research before you left for your trip. If you wanted hotel, restaurant or...

Top Things We Forget To Pack When Traveling - What You Should Pack

We've all been there. You meticulously planned your entire trip, and it's time to leave your home. You finally finished that crowded flight or the long drive, and you've stepped into your hotel room. You open your...

How to Spend a Family Weekend in Manheim, PA | Stay & Play Packages

Would you like to spend some quality, fun-filled time with your family while getting away from the demands of your daily life? Do you need a destination that has plenty of amenities located close to your hotel?

Hotel Star Rating Systems Meaning - Star Ratings Explained

If you’re trying to plan a trip, you’re probably going to review the various accommodations in the area you are visiting. As you do so, you’re going to encounter a hotel star rating system that is confusing and,...

Wedding Hotel Block Information - Wedding Hotel Room Blocks

You've gotten engaged, you've set the date, and you're working on picking those wedding colors. Congratulations! Over the next few months, you will have a lot more decisions to make, and you also have to tend to the...

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